Guilty Pleasure: Body-swap flicks, 17 Again

I confess that I love the tired but true plot lines that feature body-swapping or some age metamorphosis. Sure they can be corny and rely on the audience accepting the unbelievable and wishing that it was true. I just love seeing adults make a fool of themselves and feeling all uncomfortable for the awkward situations that they are put in. Sure, we’ve all seen it before, but it’s always a safe bet for some fun silliness, which is why I really enjoyed 17 Again and it’s magical spell. The best of these body-swap flicks are the ones where both counterparts in the switch are strong and fully immerse themselves in not being themselves. This got me thinking about other similar films and how I’ve pretty much enjoyed all of them, despite being the same idea repeated over and over again:
  • Like Father Like Son –I miss Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron for that matter although only the former is dead. This is the film that came to my mind first when building this list, as I think they both did a really great job in this switch.
  • Vice Versa – Fred Savage being serious is a little corny but Judd Reinhold being super enthusiastic and child-like works

  • Big – An obvious classic, but only one switch goes on here, but I love Tom Hanks’ comedy days.
  • 13 Going on 30 - I thought Jennifer Garner was super charming in this updated/female version of Big. Thank you Pretty, but Shallow for the reminder on this film.
  • Dream A Little Dream – The Corey’s and Jason Robards 80s it up in this freaky swap, but I love the soundtrack and them singing Dream A Little Dream at the end.

  • Wish Upon A Star – A TV special like film about sisters changing places and features Grey’s Anatomy’s Katherine Heigl before she went all bitchy.

  • The Hot Chick -- Not only is this a body switch, it's a gender switch comedy and Rob Schneider nails it. I also like the side kick comedy element provided by Anna Farris

  • Switch – Another gender switch, where I almost believe that Ellen Barkin is a frustrated guy walking around in a rockin body and heels. This one though is part comedy and part drama

  • 18 Again! – Classic George Burns

  • Freaky Friday (1976, 2003) – The new version is not one of my favs and although I like Lohan, I’m not sure Jamie Lee did a great job, came off kind of annoying.

Am I missing any? I feel like I am.


  1. I really enjoyed Seventeen Again with Tia, Tamera, and Tahj Mowry from 2000.

  2. Your absolutely correct! I loved 13 Going On 30....or any of the ones you mentioned. Great blog!

  3. I'm still obsessed with BIG, they play it every now and then on TBS! "Shimmy shimmy coco puffs"

    Great Post!

  4. "Prelude to a Kiss" was one you missed, but I have to admit I thought it was awful