A Valentine's Day fever

My Valentine's Day was HOT! 102.2 fever hot. Wish it was the other kind of hot, but unfortunately it was more of the flu variety. So my hubbie and I spent the day making my great-great-grandmother's chicken soup and me sleeping 13 hours. The fever is gone, but I'm still achy and have a sore throat. I finally went to the doctor and was told I have strep, so I'm now on antibiotic at least.

Prior to VDay though I did get in two days of skiing up in Big Bear Lake, Calif. It still amazes me how different east coast handles snow and how west coast handles it. As the local weatherman said while reporting on the recent rain and snowfall this week, "it would be bad for the east coast but it's paralyzing to the west coast." Despite the amount of snow that Vermont gets, I never had to put chains on my tires to be able to drive in it, since the roads are usually plowed pretty quickly. Up in Big Bear Lake though, they don't seem to plow as often, leaving the roads white and signs stating that chains are required. Anyway, so after four inches hit the area Raphael had to struggle to put metal chains on our tires and I trekked back down the mountain towards Los Angeles with them on my Jetta. Here are some photos along the way:


  1. Glad you're feeling better. Similar snow story from growing up next to Alaska (where it can snow 3 feet in a day and noone blinks) to moving down south where people freak with 4 inches of snow.

  2. love the title Valentine's Day was Hot! Great writer - you know how to capture your audience.

  3. I'm glad to see your hands at 10am and 2pm!

    ps. I've been a bad reader, so I'm catching up!