The Huntington gardens

Monday afternoon, I tagged along on a press trip to The Huntington Library and Gardens. Along for the tour was Alytude from SheKnows, Redbook web editors and other media.

I've actually been wanting to visit these gardens for two years now, back when I was reading through my Fodor’s guide to LA during my plane ride out here. So, I was excited at the opportunity. I wasn't so much eager to see their art collections, which are impressive too and include a mobile type bible from 1455, portraits of The Blue Boy and Pinkie, but no, I was more interested in their 120 acres of gardens. In fact, they have the largest authentic Chinese gardens in America as well as a large rose garden showing the history of the rose for over 2,000 years and a peaceful Japanese garden as well.

What impressed me the most while walking around the grounds was that each garden, each building, transported me to another place-Versailles, Padua, Japan and China. It was a very peaceful and serene experience, except for the fact that I stupidly was wearing heels that kept getting stuck in the grass or clacked around the exhibit halls, disturbing visitors.

Instead of uploading every photo here or only picking a select few. I thought I'd compile them into the embedded slideshow below so you can tranquilly walk though the grounds like I did:


  1. how very beautiful.... its almost like another world... one that i think i'd so like to live in!

  2. isn't huntington amazing? i absolutely love visiting there. it's gorgeous all around.

  3. so beautiful...thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello!
    Were these gardens in the Wedding Planner? That Jennifer Lopez from a couple of years ago? Or wa it in NYC? Pictures are beautiful but look familiar.

  5. Gem: wow, good eye! I looked up the filming locations for The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez and it was filmed there. I can see it now too.

  6. What can I say I ROCK!


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