Chicago in a day

For a business trip, I took the red eye out of LAX to Chicago's O'Hare airport on Wednesday night and arrived at 5:45 a.m. on Thursday. I slept a max of three hours on the flight there and then by the time I took a taxi and checked into the hotel I received only an additional hour and a half more sleep. Despite the lack of sleep, I was proud that I was the first to be in the board room at 9 a.m. and although it was hard getting up in the morning, somehow I was fine during the day's meetings. I even rallied after work and met my cousin Tony and his friends for dinner and drinks and went to Brew & View.

Brew & View is at the popular Vic theater in Chicago, which I've seen on Comedy Central stand up shows. Basically, when this concert venue isn't booked for a live performance it turns into a second run movie house and for only $5 you can see a double feature and have access to discounted drinks as their full bar. The seating consists of a couple of chairs and cushioned high-backed benches around drink stands. The sound wasn't great and of course people were talking throughout the films, but that's part of what made it fun, the chill atmosphere. We saw Tropic Thunder, which I had already seen and Pineapple Express.

It was especially interesting being in the windy city a day after the big Obama rally and speech. I could still feel the excitement in the air. When I visited The Chicago Tribune building for meetings, the lobby was selling special commemorative editions of their paper (75 cents) announcing the prior day's presidential win as well as Obama posters ($3.00). They are also selling Obama Wins! wares on their site. I bought myself a paper and will save it with my other historical newspapers.


  1. I use to live just down the street from the Brew & View...oh, fun!

  2. Pretty cool. From what I hear there is also a similar place in LA that lets you eat and drink and watch a movie. Better than Disney.

    What did you think of the two movies, I wrote about both, and thought that Tropic was more entertaining.


    Check out this website they are giving away free Obama stickers too.

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