A new addition to our family

For the last two years Raphael and I have butted heads on a few big issues, Yankees or Mets (Yankees!) and a dog or a cat (cat!). OK, so they aren't make-or-break differences, but we're both really passionate about our choices.

I could concede that at least he's not a Red Sox fan, but my first word was literally "cat," because I was given a kitten at birth. I also later grew up with a tortoiseshell cat, Gremlin, who became one of my best friends. I know it might sound stupid, but during my tween years we moved and through it all I always had her. She died of mouth cancer when I was a junior in college and I haven't had a cat since. At first it was because I was grieving, then I was living in a tiny studio in Manhattan and finally because Raphael wasn't ready. Since moving out here though, I've really been cat sick, but I didn't want to bring a pet into our home against Raphael's will, since that wouldn't be good for us or for the cat.

So, it was to my shock and delight that during Raphael's thank you speech at our wedding, he announced to everyone in the ballroom that he was giving me a very special wedding gift, one that wasn't easy for him. By this point, I was holding my breath and trying not to jump to conclusions so I wouldn't be disappointed. But when the crowd laughed as he went on to say how he even went so far as to lie and say that he was allergic, I was actually crossing my fingers. Ultimately, he said I could pick out a cat when we returned from our honeymoon. God, I love this man. I didn't think the happiest day of my life could get better, but it did.

After returning from the honeymoon, I searched for a tortie cat like Gremlyn until I finally came across the following little girl found by animal services back in June. She had been in a cage since, poor thing.

The first two days she didn't know how to jump, but she's made up for it since. We've renamed her Patches although we debated between Scarlett, Autumn and Gizmo. She's been a little angel, granted a bit shy, but she's using her litter box and is very gentle. Here she is:

Patches will go from purring to playing to then retreating under the coach or to some other small crawl space. I was going to let her come out on her own, but a blogger named Luann emailed me the following advice: "owners who 'respect' their kitten's aloofness have a cat that still runs for cover when company comes." Makes sense, so we're now trying to find the right balance.


  1. Aw, I love him, too! :)

    Love your new kitty, also.



  2. awww yay :-)

    kitties are wonderful!

  3. Yay! You finally got your kitty! She is adorable.

  4. Congratulations, I'm sure that Patches will be the gift that keeps giving. I think that is wonderful. I've been joking with my boyfriend to get me an "engagement cat" instead of an engagement ring...

    Anyhow, I'm very happy that you found one...and I am like you, I think that for the first couple of days, aloof behaviour is acceptable. She may just need a little TLC to bring out her social side.

    P.S. - I've changed blog addresses (I'm no longer at justanotherweek.blogspot.com - new addy: http://thechemistryofhappiness.blogspot.com)


  5. Congrats! Pets are so much fun. I have to admit I'm more of a dog person, but my excuse is that I really am allergic to cats!

  6. Wonderful, I got goose-bumps reading this post!

  7. Very sweet. Can't wait to meet her.

  8. HARO request -
    "I just adopted a 5-month-old kitten from animal services and am
    looking for kitten caring tips for a blog post. Any tips on how to
    make a smooth transition from a cage to a home, as well as training
    tips and what items/toys are a must. Please list out a few tips
    (paragraph form) that you'd give to an adoptee and do list your
    title and affiliation so that you can be sourced. I'm also looking
    for related contacts for possible cat related Q&A's for my blog
    down the road. *When Tara Met Blog is one of the top 10 blogs in
    LA, has been in the NY Times and named one of the top 20 most
    influential people in Los Angeles."

    All kittens are individual. In general, start out with your kitten in a smaller space and let them be able to get back into their cage (if you still have it). If not, you can provide them with a smaller space. Usually a smaller, well-lit room where you will keep their litter box is a good place to start. Spend time sitting with them without trying to get them in interact or going to them to interact. Let the kitten make the moves and decide when they are ready for contact. Move at their pace and it will take less time.

    Toys, etc. are also individual. Many cats love simple things like ribbon, empty toilet paper rolls, paper bags, etc. You will have to try some things and buy some things to see what exactly your kitten like. Many kittens do not like catnip until they get more mature.

    Many cats love the running water drinking bowls.

    Joy Turner, Owner
    Talk With Your Animals

  9. WTF, you're a Yankee fan?? This blog relationship is OVA.

  10. Oooooh, pritty kitty! :^)
    Sounds like you've had experience with this coloration--they usually have strong personalities. I had dark tortie (tortoise-shell)cat many years ago--she drove me crazy and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED HER. I lost her to cancer, and I still miss her every day. (No offense to my other kitties...!!)(and bunny...)
    I think you are on your way to a long and beautiful relationship. No...make that love affair! :^)
    Congrats! Hug her often.

  11. So that's the San Pedro shelter find. She's lovely. Funny, I had friends with a cat that looked like that and was named Gizmo.

    Maybe it's a moot point by now, but actually the opposite is true of cats: the more you ignore them and let them alone, the more they'll come to you and be affectionate. Cats like to do the approaching on their own time; they can read too much attention as threatening or irritating.