Black and white and red all over

My color palette for the wedding was red and white, and boy did I try to carry the color theme throughout. Take a look.

Oh, and the beautiful table cards were handmade by Rebecca Lynn Andersen in New Hampshire, a.k.a my bridesmaid ;) and my friends Sarah and Amber made the matching card box for me too!

Different Dress, Same Color
As you'll notice I had my bridesmaids pick the same color, but different styles to suit their own style and budget. I think it came together cohesively too. The only different red featured was the maid of honor, so she could stand out in the court. 


  1. Oh, I love those colors! Your wedding looks like it was gorgeous!

    Keep posting pictures too, I love looking at them. :-)

  2. oh the pictures look amazing, can't wait to see more. congrats again!

  3. Beautiful. Congratulations Tara.