The forgetting

On the plane ride to Chicago the other day, I sat next to a woman who does marketing for the Alzheimer's Association. Soon enough, through tears, I was telling the poor woman about my 89-year-old Nanny who is suffering from dementia.

Thankfully my Nanny still remembers who I am, but some days she still thinks I'm only a train ride away or still in school. She's just not the same person anymore, only a sliver of the loving woman she used to be. She's still as sweet as she can be but now a dimmer light bulb is on.

This is the part where my mom would chime in, she's lived a long and healthy life so far and that I can't complain. Even the woman on the plane said that Alzheimer's is harder on loved ones, than it is on the person itself. I just miss my friend and I hate that she's retreating to some place that I can't reach her.

The Alzheimer's Association is looking for 5 million champions to sign their online petition, 5 million because that's how many people are suffering from the disease in America alone and my Nanny is one of them. 1 in 10 over 65 years in the US have Alzheimer's. Go sign the petition at


  1. So, um, I've selected you at random to be tagged by an internet meme. Visit my blog to learn more. Trust me, this makes you awesome.

  2. Glad you posted about this because it doesn't get the same coverage as other causes with much larger budgets.

    I'll gladly sign the petition.

  3. My Mom has early Alzheimers and in truth it's been brutal for her. She's terrified and has had to make many adjustments. She is a retired English Teacher and has always been an avid reader, but now she forgets what she read so she's lost that. She doesn't venture out because she's afraid she'll forget how to get home. Alzheimers robs people of their independence...very sad.

  4. Sorry to hear about your Nanny. I signed the petition.

  5. Tara,
    Dementia is hard to deal with. My Great Aunt has it and it is just so hard because she was one person one day and she is totally different. She doesn't even know who I am and the only way you may think she knows is if you see her on a regular basis. She will smile at you if she "recognizes" your face. I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your blog and I read it everyday. I make it part of my daily routine to check it. This is the most touching subject to me. Thank you for speaking for "us". I have a blog as well but it is not that great. I don't know who to put the fancy stuff up there but just wanted to stop by and say thank you! I really appreciate you!

    P.S. I know I am late but congrats on your recent marriage!