It's always sunny on the red carpet

Tonight I was invited to attend the 4th season premiere of the television show, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I've actually never watched it, but have seen the quirky ads run on the FX channel while watching Dirt (a moment of silence for Dirt please). I've been a fan of Danny DeVito since Taxi and always wanted to watch it, but never had the chance. So, in order to prepare for the red carpet interviews, I asked friends if they had seen the show and finally found one colleague who told me that,"It's hard to explain, it's like nothing you've seen before." Not necessarily helpful, but intriguing.

When one of the female actresses, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, came to talk to me, I decided to ask her point blank, "How would you describe the show to someone who had never seen it before?" She also started by saying "It's hard to explain," but then went on to say, "It's a show about a bunch of guys who own a bar in Philly with their father figure and sister and get in lots and lots of trouble." She concluded by also adding, "It's taboo." Also, intriguing.

One of the girls next to me in the press line said that she went to the screening earlier today and she laughed so hard she was practically crying. Hmmm, now I was even more intrigued.

Danny DeVito sealed the deal for me though when he said to me, "It's a show that you can't describe, you gotta grab the DVD and just get into it." Luckily for me season three was in the gift bags at the rockin after party at STK, so I'm going to take his advice and just try it out. I'll report back eventually.

Anyway, Danny DeVito was there with his wife and actress, Rhea Pearlman. I'm happy to say that they were both the most down to earth stars that I've ever met. They actually listened to the questions being asked, joked with reporters and seemed a bit shy and very real. Rhea wasn't there to do press, since she's not in the show, but still came to the reporters that were calling out her name. She laughed nervously when they asked her questions that she wasn't prepared for, but answered them as best she could. One reporter asked her what her fav show from years back was outside of Taxi and Cheers that is and she replied The Honeymooners and that now she only watches this show and Project Runway. Another reporter asked if she ever found It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia offensive. She laughed and said, no, nothing offends me except Sarah Palin running for VP. lol
Rhea's hubbie was also super sweet in his thick glasses, especially when a PR person ushered him past me to the cameraman after me, when I was really next in line to speak with him. So, not fair. He obviously saw that and although he was being filmed by the other guy he kept looking over to me to include me in the conversation. So, I jumped in with my own question and he answered me and even smiled for my camera. His answers and his jokes just seemed so natural, not polished or phony, very real. I was very impressed with both of them.

Oh, and Wonder Years' Fred Savage walked the red carpet too, he's apparently the series director. During the after party he seemed to be everywhere I went too, just before me getting food, in each room that I was in and he left at the same time too. It was becoming a joke with my friend and I.


  1. I'm incredibly jealous that you got to go to the premiere.

    But, if you are unfamiliar with the show, I suggest you check out this interview with the three main guys - if you find the interview funny, you will find the show funny:

  2. Was Fred Savage stalking you? *hehe*...I am really enjoying reading your out and about posts...and your encounters with celebrities now. :)

  3. Wow - can't believe you were lucky enough to go to the premiere! You absolutely must watch the first and second season. Catch them on if you can.

  4. seriously tara you have the coolest job, haha. my coworker was there last night too though and said it was a great time.

  5. That is so awesome to go to the premiere! The show is hilarious and if you've never been to Philly, it does a great job of taking you there.

    I love the wonder years.

  6. You're such an insider now ;-) pics with Aniston, Davito...too cool!

  7. MMMM Fred Savage sure grew up nicely!

  8. How fun! I think I drove by on my way home on La Cienega. :)