A McConaughey and Perez handbag

Sounds dirty, doesn't it?

I just attended a party at the Kitson clothing studio in West Hollywood, which was debuting the MUXO handbag collection designed by Camila Alves (Matthew McConaughey's baby mama). Camila had kindly selected Stand Up To Cancer (my charity) and will soon be releasing a SU2C handbag where a portion of the sales proceeds will go to the cause. You go girl!

While there, I actually had a conversation with McConaughey, who I always liked from A Time to Kill. In fact, he was very sweet, he excused himself when my colleague first called out his name in the VIP room, but he returned later and said "Sorry you had something to say?" He didn't know us, yet was being gentlemanly and considerate. He also listened intently and was empathetic about a personal cancer story that one of the SU2C co-founder's shared with him. He had hair stubble on his face, his jean torn shirt was open revealing his tan chest. He was also vert sweaty from the heat on this sticky night. Oh and his Southern Texas drawl is definitely real and it's delicious, lol. His new 30-day-old baby, Levi, was on hand for the occasion too, but he was safely tucked away in the back room away from the masses.

My photos of Matthew are just OK since I didn't want to be a total spaz and keep taking photos while he was inside the party, never mind while I was talking to him.

I also saw celeb blogger Perez Hilton, who was working the press line like his life depended on it. He was in a bright pink shirt, his hair was blond today and he bought something at the Kitson store. Sadly and ironically, he did not stop to speak with the bloggers on the press line, grr.

The MUXO leather bags, meanwhile, reminded me of the natural look of Kooba designs, but with tassels. They looked and felt beautiful, very rustic and soft, but ranged from $995 to $1,200, well the clutches were cheaper at one hundred and something. What a life, design handbags and have Matthew McConaughey's baby!

Below are photos of Alves' bags:


  1. Do we really need another line of expensive designer hand bags??

  2. NICE...I'm glad that Camila chose your charity to donate the proceeds of the handbag sales to.

    Oh...and what a delight that you actually get to meet and rub elbows with the rich and famous...and I especially love hearing how NORMAL they sound...it is just as it should be.

  3. okay that is so cool you got to go and that she chose your charity to work with. and you met matthew?! ah, heart him and his southern surfer boy ways.

  4. I'm glad the proceeds are going to a good cause, but I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of the way those purses look. I'm not a big tassel fan I guess.

  5. I had no idea that was actually your charity. I've always been impressed with people who take time out of their lives to start and maintain an organization like that - kudos to you for the sacrifice.

    While I support more than one charity - this makes me realize maybe I need to be doing something more.


  6. Sorry I should clarify that when I say "my charity" I didn't mean to imply that I was the founder or anything like that, but I do actively work on the organization with the real founders to help promote it.

  7. I think if you are involved in a charity on that level, you have the right to call it "my charity" - no need to clarify...

  8. You talked to Matthew McConaughey. I've never been more jealous of anyone in my life.