A double header

It was a sports day for me today.

First, I went to the Yankees VS Angels game in Anaheim. I hadn't seen my Yankees play since I moved to Los Angeles and was going through some major withdrawal. Dodger Stadium is near me, but that's the National league. Unfortunately, after impressive back to back home runs by A-Rod and Giambi, the Yankees soon lost their lead and was beaten, badly at a final score of 11-4. It sucked leaving in defeat among a see of red outfitted Angels fans, however I took solace giving encouraging looks to the other Yankees fans heading to their cars, one true blue was blasting Sinatra's New York, New York as he drove away.

Next up, I headed to my first ever Pro tennis game over at the UCLA campus, which was hosting the Countrywide Classic semi-finals, part of the US Open Series. I kindly received the two tickets from my friend over at Evian and as a result was able to hang out in their hospitality tent before the game and drink their glass bottled waters. The evening match that we saw paired Andy Roddick against Denis Gremelmayr. Roddick is apparently pretty popular from what I'm told, but I don't follow the sport much so am relying on hearsay. I particularly liked that Roddick refrained from making orgasm-like noises as he hit the ball, unlike Gremelmayr and others that I've seen play on TV. In the end, Roddick won fairly easily and moves on to the finals tomorrow.

Being at a tennis game is very different from the other sports events that I've attended, much quieter and more refined. Not that's good or bad per say, just different. I'll stick to baseball.

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  1. David (older son) got an email from one of his Texas friends to let him know that the Rangers beat the Yankees. *rolling eyes*