It's my party

and I'll have two if I want to.

Back in July I had blogged about my bachelorette party on the east coast and my Sex and the City bridal shower, and although those were both wonderful, it excluded my friends on the west coast from partaking in the festivities too.

As a result, my friends Sarah and Amber, threw me a combined shower and bachelorette night in L.A. last week. It started out at her their place with a loaded bar, cute decorations, some fun games and gifts. The first present I opened was lingerie, which came from my co-worker. I couldn't help but think, hmm that's interesting, but then when the next two presents also reveled some scandalous nighties, I slowly caught on to the secret theme. Safe to say, I don't have to do any shopping for the honey moon now. One less to do on my list.

Armed with a bunch of dare cards and dressed in a sash and veil that had condoms and cupcake stickers stapled on to it, a group of 12 of us did a pub crawl on Main Street in Santa Monica.

On one of the dance floors along the way, this annoying guy kept tugging on my viel as I danced. The first time he laughed and said he couldn't help himself, so I excused it. Three more pulls later, I wasn't amused, which is why when he absconded with one of the condoms I didn't try that hard to tell him that they had been stapled on, thus rendering them useless. I wonder if he'll name his future baby Tara. Nah, don't worry, the guy didn't look like he had cause to use the thing anyway.

I digress, we went from one bar/club to the next, getting free entrance and taking shots and doing dares. I wasn't that bad at the end of the night though, my single friends on the other hand ... here's some of the evidence:


  1. How fun, sorry I missed it! Baby is not ready for California trips yet.
    Reminds me of South Norwalk and some other single girls I know.


  2. Looks like you had a blast! Lingerie is always a nice bridal shower gift. :)

  3. Tara, you're a natural with this pole stuff.


  4. aw looks like a great party! love the pictures :)

  5. Fun times! Looks like a blast!

    Love the Juicy Couture ad!

  6. Sounds like you had an awesome time. So how many men offered to strip for you? We had three at my night out - I missed nearly all of it since I was drinking so much I had to pee so damn much. But we have photos!!