Nobody walks in LA

A new report released by my client, INRIX, which provides traffic information to GPS devices, auto brands and mobile phones, compiled traffic stats from more than 50,000 miles of primary roadways and suprise, suprise, they found Los Angeles to be the most congested city in the country, followed by where I hail from, New York. So either way I'm pretty much screwed. Last Friday night I was stuck in traffic on the freeway at 11 O'Clock at night! Crazy!

The Top 10 Traffic Congested Cities:

  1. Los Angeles, CA
  2. New York, NY
  3. Chicago-Naperville, IL
  4. Washington D.C.
  5. Dallas, Fort Worth, TX
  6. San Francisco, CA
  7. Houston, TX
  8. Boston, MA
  9. Seattle, WA
  10. Atlanta, GA
How does your city score? The 100 most congested areas can be found here:

Video: We got the study on The Today Show, check it out.


  1. I live in Seattle, and I hate the traffic here! Luckily I take the bus to work so I'm able to avoid the really annoying morning commute headache.

    I can only imagine how terrible the traffic in LA must be!

  2. I just caught the end of a segment on the Today Show about the top ten cities with the worst traffic, but I didn't catch where the stats came from - was that your client??

  3. That's one of the big reasons I'll never (well, probably never) live in a city -- traffic. My blood pressure goes through the roof and I get terribly frustrated trying to deal with driving in cities. ARGH!

    A traffic jam around here means a jackknifed steer at the corner heading out of town which backs up the lunch cafe crowd for a few minutes at most and gives them all time to get out of their farm trucks and chit-chat about the weather and corn prices.

  4. Way to go LA! Haha, yeah not so much.

  5. Serenia- My sister's name was "Serina" (spelt differently tho). Good for you for taking the bus, I'm trying to do that more often here, but LA doesn't make it as easy like other cities do. I've actually been on the Seattle bus to go to Chinatown from where I was staying.

    TransientTravels - Yup that was my client on Today! yay!

    Tarsi- I'm with you. I get way too worked up in traffic. No thank you.

    Katelin- haha, well at least it means LA is popular, no?

  6. hmm...this is interesting, the small city of about 20,000 that I live in has no congestion ...which is probably good for my mild road rage

    anyone interested in more lists(although they are very random and not too informative) can check out:

  7. Living in Orange county, we are in the shadow of Los Angeles and it's "Metropolitan Area."

    Fortunately for me I own a motorcycle and I haven't take the freeway to work in well over a year. :-D

    I wished everybody could live within 5 miles of their work.

  8. Oy, I'm part of the DC traffic. It's one of the major factors in the decision for us to move away!

  9. I always hated the traffic in Atlanta. There really wasn't any way to escape it. I guess the LA traffic doesn't bother me as much because I'm able to take the back roads over the hill to get where I want to go. That and well, I work from home, so I also get to pick and choose WHEN I want to go most of the time.

  10. Chicago is pretty ridiculous with traffic. Seriously.

  11. I live in the Bronx, NY (NYC is more than just Manhattan). The traffic in Manhattan is terrible, which is why I never drive. I always take the train, and walk once I get there. Many times I can walk faster than traffic.