Eye magic

I'm such the impulse buyer. As a result, eBay is both my friend and enemy. I realized I had a problem when I found myself bidding on and winning a Smurfs Thermos. Why I needed that 80s lunch box item? I'm still not sure. I just remember tripping out my classmates in grad school when I poured tomato soup from it during our dinner break.

So, knowing how quick I was to online shop, I wasn't too sure about my recent purchase from HSN.com (yes, the Home Shopping Network). I had seen an ad for a beauty product called Eye Majic, which are these decals that apply eye shadow designs easily to your lids.

Since I'm one of those people who freak out when objects go near my eyes, I'm not the best at being artsy when applying eye liner and such. I still can't use an eye curler, or as I call it--the eyelash guillotine. The deal breaker for me though was seeing that the "normal" price of $20.00 was red lined down to $17.00 and that it was free shipping and handling, so I bought two sets, one of their warm colors set and one of their cool colors.

Despite applying the "Eye Majic" swab while driving to The Standard last week, it came out really good! I can't wait to use the other colors for upcoming events and parties. I had Raphael take a photo, which doesn't do the look justice though:


  1. something like this came in the Grammy bag. Herbie's daughter and I were playing around with them. We had camouflaged eyes...very odd indeed (also came in zebra print!)

    I'm glad the normal colors worked.

  2. I am such a train wreck at putting on eye makeup as well. I always tend to leave the house resembling a raccoon, or the victim of a boxing match gone in the other fighter's favor, one.

  3. ive never heard of anything like that before...

    do they stay on well? i always find that inexpensive eye shadow just falls off and covers your cheeks in it...

  4. Does it look well blended, and does it fade or work into the creases? What a neat idea :)

  5. It eventually faded throughout the night, but it didnt get all over my cheeks and worked into the creases nicely. Looked good while it lasted.