Ski bums

I started skiing when I was four, an ankle biter without the poles. My mother and I had learned at the same time actually. I used to be fearless, but as I get older I'm more comfortable on the blue intermediate trails than the diamonds. I still like finding my own path and going around trees for fun though. Last year, Raphael started learning how to ski so we could go together.

Over the weekend a group of us headed to Mammoth Lakes to ski Mammoth Mountain in continuation of Raphael's 30th birthday and his friend's bday as well. I had never been to Mammoth since it's a 5 to 6 hour ride away, but it was worth it because the mountain offered more variety and had less people. I still can't get over the fact that we can even ski in April out here. Pretty amazing. Here are some action videos I took of Raphael and I skiing, hehe:


  1. tara- wonderful meeting you today. i googled you and found your blog!! bookmarking it~

    thanks for keeping me company today at studio city...see you on the history channel.


  2. Love the videos