The Magic Castle

Raphael turned 30 last Thursday and we all had a laugh about it at The Magic Castle comedy and magic club ;) It's a real castle in Hollywood circa 1908 and is only open to members and their guests. Formal attire is required so the guys had to wear jackets and ties and us ladies wore dresses. One of our friends had a special invite pass that allowed us entrance, but we still had to pay a door fee of $20 each, but that gave us access to all the shows happening that night in the many different rooms of this Gothic mansion.

Inside it looked like the waiting area for the Tower of Terror ride at MGM or some bordello with the rich Victorian fabric on the walls and antique furniture. There were silly mirrors, candlelit chandeliers, paintings where the eyes moved and to enter past the reception area you have to say "open sesame" to the owl sculpture in the bookshelf for the case to open and give entrance to the rest of the castle. Here we are in front of the aforementioned bookshelf.

Before heading to the dining room for dinner we caught a quick magic show by a lawyer/magician, who really impressed me with his ability to read people. The food was good, albeit pricey and when it came time to deliver the cake and sing Happy Birthday to Raphael the waiter had a beautiful cake in his hands, but just after Raphael blew out his candles they pulled it back to reveal that it was only a fake shell and a lonely cupcake without the icing was left for him instead. It was an unexpected surprise.

After dinner we saw the headliner Kevin James. No, not the actor from King of Queens, but a magician and former contestant on America's Got Talent. His act was pretty silly with a little person dressed as Charlie Chaplin and a chick swallowing fire for the entertainment, but Raphael and the guys were cracking up and enjoying it. His final trick though was impressive and involved a guy's body being separated but without the typical box and saws.

All in all, it was a magical night out, pun intended and definitely different than the typical night in L.A.


  1. Wow 20 bucks for a cover is CRAZY.

  2. That sounds so fun!

    Y'all look so cute! ;)


  3. Oh, happy birthday, Rafe! You two look sooooo adorable together!

  4. sounds like a fun night! i've heard cool things about that place.

  5. Beautiful dress! You guys looked fabulous :)