Curtains on Broadway

One of the big things that I miss about NYC is Broadway. I used to know all about the latest shows and would go quite often, but now I'm so out of the loop. I did however get to see Curtains, staring Frasier's David Hyde Pierce who I love and apparently the Tony's do too since he won for Best Actor in a Musical, 2007. The show opened last March but unfortunately will be closing on June 29th so do see it while you can.

Curtains is part murder mystery and part backstage musical. The show unfolds backstage at a Boston theater in 1959, where a new musical could be a Broadway smash, were it not for the presence of its talent-free leading lady. When the hapless star dies on opening night during her curtain call, Lieutenant Frank Cioffi (Pierce) arrives on the scene to conduct an investigation. But the lure of the theater proves irresistible and after an unexpected romance blooms for the stage-struck detective, he finds himself just as drawn toward making the show a hit, as he is in solving the murder.

David has a beautiful voice and is definitely charismatic on stage. His accent, a mixture of a Bostonian and 50s cop talk, is pretty impressive, very unlike his Niles voice and never wavered. He even sang in the accent. Anyway, I'm a huge fan of his so I'm sure I would have liked his performance no mater what, but he did exceed my high expectations. After the show, I waited outside by the stage door hoping to see him leave and was rewarded with a signed playbill and a photograph. I told him I loved his performance and owned every season of Frasier on DVD. He was super sweet and stayed to greet each person waiting in line, he even retook a photo with someone after hearing the woman declare that it came out blurry. Really nice of him.

To see the cast perform the song "Show People" check out this clip.


  1. Ooh! I am so adding this to my TO See List - going to Broadway in June! Squee!


  2. Oooh I've heard about this, it sounds so good. And that's so cool you met David Hyde Pierce, so many celebs to add to your list.

  3. I saw it in Feb and loved it!

    Hey guys if you're fans of his then check out our DHP Forum - loads of likeminded souls there who think David's fairly cool!