Hot child in the city

My best friend Angela from childhood is now a model/actress/event marketer, but growing up she was a lanky freckled girl who snort laughed. She still does the latter when I get her going tho. We were always an odd pair, a foot apart in height and inseparable. Teachers called us Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Anyway, let me move on to a different memory when we were both living in the City many years later and Angela invited me to a poker party fund raiser for Lance Armstrong that was near my place. An agency was requesting models attend and Angela didn't want to head their alone. Raphael was away in Rome (we were still pretty new at this point) and Angela sweetened the deal more so by saying there would be free food (starving twenty-something in NY and all that) and I was also hoping to score a yellow wristband.

I tried to model it up in a slinky black dress and put on my super high heels, which still left me shorter than the rest of the girls there. Inside were a ton of older men and a handful of models that Angela didn’t know who were glued to the corner and not mingling, which I assumed was the whole point of their being there in the first place. An organizer pretty much confirmed this after making a speech thanking so and so for the sponsored alcohol, and yada yada for the poker prizes and then thanked the modeling agency for, and I quote, “donating the girls.” Ew! We were being offered up along with the liquor. I was insulted even though I wasn’t technically one of “the girls” in question, but they all assumed I was and I was insulted for Angela too.

The men, who were significantly older, were all in the oil business and one money hungry looking model made use of this and was doing more than mingling. After a search for wristbands proved to be for naught, we immediately headed to the bar and then to the buffet. The girls in the corner were already eight to a four person booth, so I thought I’d at least do the model part and talk to some of the men, couldn’t hurt to be nice, right? Plus, how often can I pretend to be a model?

I approached what I figured was the most harmless and older man of the bunch and asked if we could join him at his table. The guy ended up being super sweet and we were talking away, he was interested in the fact that I was in PR and how both Angela and I have our Masters of Arts degrees etc. I remember him saying he could see me being pretty intimidating to guys my age, in fact he said “you eat men up.” I’m not sure I agree with that but it sounded kind of powerful on my part. After awhile, it was clear he was a little sweet on me, despite having a son near my age and it didn’t help that Angela kept making jokes to this effect. I’m sure I gave her a few bruises under the table. Although she also admitted she was having fun chatting and it was fun seeing the girls in the corner staring at us.

A couple of glasses of red wine later I’m sitting next to this guy in the poker competition “for luck,” and am the only non-model acting like one, lol. Even the model looking for a sugar daddy had retreated back to the corner. I made the guy look like a hero to all his friends as I cheered him on. He ended up losing, but took us both out for some fries at a nearby dinner afterwards and then we said goodbye. Told you he was the harmless one of the group. Anyway, so that was my night of pretending to be a hired floozy, not to say that models are or anything, but under those circumstances...a spade is a spade.


  1. I love this! I would have done the same thing, except I might have slept with someone. Hello! Money!

    I mean if those models are going to be whores, they should whore all the way, you know?

    durante vita

  2. Good to be model-like! Heck, at all those parties you know everyone is striking a pose and pouting and I can be guilty too!

  3. sounds way fun. kind of like an opportunity at a secret identity. i need to get something like that going on for me!

  4. Seems like you know how to make the best out of any situation. =) That could only mean one thing, smart girl