Dancing with the elves

I did one of those OfficeMax "Elf Yourself" online creations before, but this time I was able to put both Raphael and I in the animation and boy can we dance! Take a look HERE. Now just picture our wedding dance ;)

I've seen and admired the Thriller wedding court routines found on YouTube, but check out this bride and groom video. I'm a bit jealous that we didn't do it first, but we have some tricks up our sleeve yet...I hope.

I also ChipMunk'd my voice at the Alvin and the Chimpmunks avatar site, munkyourself.com.


  1. We're elfin' fun, too. At my LJ if you want to see. :)

    There are some other good wedding dances on youtube, too. Funny stuff!


  2. Hehe I did this too, but it was me and my 2 dogs. it was prety funny!!!