Tara does Dallas

and so do crickets apparently--I'll explain in a second.

I'm visiting the Dallas office this week and after entering my first hotel room (I had to stay at two different ones due to a whole reservations fiasco, which had me taking several taxis and didn't get me into a hotel room until 2:00 in the morning, but I don't want to go there) I saw a printed letter on the floor that read:

As you may have heard or perhaps seen, we have been experiencing an unusual phenomena (should be phenomenon) in the State of Texas (state was capitalized as if Texas is its own country like the United States) so far this summer. Due to the unusual amount of rain we have experienced a large in-flux of crickets as of late. We currently apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced; we are taking steps to minimize the problem as much as possible by spraying the fields as well as the outside of the building essentially doubling our normal efforts. Although we do understand they can be an annoyance, the crickets do not pose any health risk. Our staff is working diligently to remove the crickets from the guest rooms on a daily basis, however if you encounter any crickets please call extension 57 and our staff will be happy to come and remove them.

Of course, I immediately started looking around the room for crickets and then put my ear next to the window to hear them, but heard and saw nada. I then had images of the staff that are checking daily for crickets to remove them and pictured them in Ghostbusters’ gear, lol.

Geez, what happened that they needed to write this letter? Did someone get attacked by renegade crickets? Health risks? I didn't even consider that, they shouldn't have even put that in my head. I'm glad I'm not the public relations person who was forced to have to deal with this "cricket problem," which apparently is like the Watergate of the hospitality industry, and write the copy for this crazy letter. Maybe I found the whole thing funnier since I was now so tired I was becoming silly, but I had some good fun going on cricket patrol in my room that I even had dreams with 30 foot crickets in them.

News: Invasion has Texans saying Jiminy, crickets! (Got to love the headline)

The next night at the next hotel, I had dinner by myself in the hotel's restaurant. Sitting at an outside table, still in my white suit from my day of work, I enjoyed a glass of red wine by my lonesome as I waited for my meal to arrive. I didn't bring a book or hide behind my cell phone. Instead, I just sipped and looked around peacefully. A bunch of men were in the hotel though for some conference and as a result the other tables were full of male colleagues, so it made me sitting by myself all the more noticeable. One guy on his way out even remarked to me "You're a brave one" playing dumb I responded, "For wearing white and drinking red wine?" they laughed and silently congratulated myself for successfully avoiding their pity or any invitations for company.


  1. Uh oh, Tara threw down the Blonde Card! But, I have to say -- well played. Well played indeed. :)

  2. Summer of '05 there were a lot of crickets also. I remember going to a store and the wall by the front door was literally solid brown w/ crickets.

    Ooooh, you were quick! Love when that happens...when you say the exact thing you wanted to say, but usually only think of when it's too late. :)


  3. Oh...you didn't mention the crickets! YIKES!!! I should have stayed & had a drink to hear the details! We will do that the next time you are this way...

  4. Hey Tara,
    I found you through Bust and I wanted to invite you to join our 20something bloggers group. Info about it is on my blog

    I am a Texas girl, Dallasite in fact and I am laughing at your cricket experience.

  5. Ewww. That's all I'll say on the crickets. (We've had big, black grasshopper invasions here in South Louisiana).

    Yay you for thinking quick on your feet! LOL! I love it!