Cupcakes For a Cause

National Cupcakes for a Cause Week is October 15-21, and participating bakeries across the U.S. will be proceeds from the sale of their cupcakes to help support CancerCare for Kids. The newly opened Crumbs in Beverly Hills, which is our next LA Cupcakes MeetUp stop, is participating as are shops from all over (full list).

Also, for every friend that you send a free virtual cupcake/e-card to, $1.00 will be donated to CancerCare for Kids. You also get to design your own e-cupcake, which is fun. Over there ---> is the official red velvet When Tara Met Blog cupcake.

Now if only I could eat it.

I'm also busy saving the pink Yoplait lids that equal 10 cents per seal for breast cancer research. Right now California is #1 with the most lids collected and Texas is #2.

LA goes pinkPS: Here's a photo of my office mates all dressed in pink to show our support and fundraise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Check out my retro boots.


  1. I LOVE cupcakes. I'm really surprised that there aren't any cupcake stores in SF participating. :( The closes to me would be in San Mateo...I might have to make a cupcake run!

  2. I so should open up a gourmet cupcake shop in New Orleans. I can't think of a single bakery that has jumped in the cupcake craze.

    I'm saving those lids, too! Which reminds me, I need more yogurt!

  3. I love your blog, Tara! Thanks for visiting mine. I was saving those Yoplait lids, too - mailed them in last week. Great cause. Thanks for the walnut suggestion - you're absolutely right. One of my favorite quick-y lunches is a handful of walnuts with a little bit of cheese (brie or bleu) and either a pear or and apple. Mmmm.....