Should I blog, or should I go?

Monday, June 13, 2005

Lately, more and more people that I know are reading my blog and I'm finding I have to censor myself a bit. I don't mean cursing, fuck that! ;) I mean I have to obviously watch who I talk about, not that I went around bad mouthing anyone before, but still I feel more confined now. It's not so much my friends, but the little acquaintances that know me and crushes.

What I never understood in Sex and the City was that none of Carrie's boyfriends or friends seemed to have read her column. Wouldn't you read your friends or girlfriends column? Just to see what they were saying about you or to get some advice? Why weren't some of her exes angry with her for sharing so much about their relationship?

Anyway on that note, the date the other day with Subway Guy went very well, despite my friends fears that I would get kidnapped, yada yada yada. It was an 8 hour date (mid afternoon to night) lots of walking around the city, 14th Street to Battery Park to the East Village. It was really nice being outside so much. I got blisters on my feet though, but it was a pretty great first date!

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