It's official

I'm now a California resident. You'd think buying a condo here would have made it official for me already, and come September I'll have lived here for a year (wow), but now it's really sunk in because I finally got my Cali driver's license. Crazy!

I haven't had a new license since first getting mine at age 17. Well, I did have to get a new one when I was 21, but it was still the same looking card just a different picture. I also thought I looked sleepy in my last picture, so I was determined to look upbeat this time. Since getting it I've proudly been showing my new license to everyone (although they don't care), even to you (what do you think):

The reason for my procrastination was due to the fact that I didn't want to take a written driver's test again. I have two girlfriends out here who failed it their first time even though they've been driving for years. So I made sure I studied the handbook for 45 mins and good thing because it's a 36 question test and I still got 5 questions wrong. If I botched one more I would have failed, which is insane since I studied but a lot of the questions had two right answers it was just picking the righter one. Plus, there are different rules out here than in New England. I had no idea a white curb means for mail delivery or that you can only turn into a bike lane 200 ft before making a turn, etc. Anyway, luckily I passed, several people in front of me didn't and I was getting more nervous as it came time for my test to be corrected, more so than taking the damn GRE's.

One cool thing about California State DMV's is that you can make an appointment online, but although things were more efficient I was still there for over an hour and at the end I was informed laughingly that they would be mailing me my license. I was so disappointed, I just assumed all they had to do was print it out.  

You may also notice that I'm an organ donor. I blogged back in 2005 that I wanted to be one because of this story, but I never got around to it, well now I've finally have.


  1. I've been hanging onto my Florida license simply because I don't want the hassle of getting an NYS license. Hasn't been much of an issue, although it expires next year, so I'll have to bite the bullet soon enough. I'm hoping I won't have to take a test -- I didn't have to when I transferred to a Florida license in the first place, years ago.

  2. Welcome to Cali! I love your blog!!! BTW, You could totally pass for Jennifer Anniston.

    Check out my blog sometime: I'm in PR, too!