Garlic wine

Even before I lived out here in Los Angeles, whenever I would come to visit I used to like to go to a restaurant called The Stinking Rose. I love the fun, over the top decorations that remind me of a cross between an Epcot city and Dracula's bordello. The name of the restaurant though refers to the garlic that's prevalent in most of the food and apparently wine too.

A big group of us went for a friend's birthday party last weekend. While waiting by the bar for our table to be ready, my guy pal, Ravi, proclaimed that he was going to order me a glass of wine. I was flattered and having intended on drinking wine that evening, I gladly accepted his offer. He quickly consulted the wine list and told the bartender in a put on French accent that he'd like a glass of Chateau De Garlic (Rapazzinni winery). I thought, "did he just say garlic," but then figured something must have been lost in translation and let it go.

When the glass of what appeared to be a white wine was delivered to me, Ravi then said he wanted a photo of me with the glass in my hand. Again, I was flattered and smiled for the camera.

Here's the before shot (so young, so innocent):

Here's the after shot, once I sipped the wine:

The photos say it all, as did the caption that was on the wine menu that read: "garlic is great, but this wine stinks." Stunk it did. It smelt like garlic oil, but the wine itself might not have been so terrible if I held my nose and didn't smell it. We then passed the drink around for everyone to try. Several people refused to tho--chicken shits.
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  1. I didn't know the Stinking Rose was a chain! We have one in San Francisco, too!

    Btw, every year in a town close to my city, there is a garlic festival, where the main draw is garlic ice cream. It was actually pretty good!

  2. Chicken shits, indeed. I would have tried it. :)

    I'm looking this place up.


  3. Gilmer is the name of that town. And just driving through it, you'll see things about Garlic you may wish you didn't know. I've never hit the Garlic Festival, but I've stopped a time or two. Never tried Garlic wine though. Great pictures by the way, they very much show us the moment.

  4. The actual name of the town is Gilroy, CA. Gilmer is in Texas (nice Wal-mart). Gilroy does have a garlic festival and even the garlic ice cream is good.