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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usI've been meaning to write about this guy, Shoji, who we met a few weeks ago. He's a friend of our friend Zendi, they met playing volleyball. Apparently he's also a famous Japanese comedic body builder, if that makes any sense. I've seen a  YouTube video of his, but something is definitely lost in translation. It sure looks funny, as does his site.

We've all gone out a few times with him and his two friends from Japan too. Once when we were at The Brig, two pretty young Japanese girls recognized him and came running up to him, giggling and feeling his muscles.

He likes to play up the tourist, geeky look, wearing a shirt that says Hollywood when he hits the clubs, a squared brimmed florescent hat, rainbow suspenders, etc. He knows what he's doing though, because I tried to bend the brim of his hat but he wouldn't let me, as he explained to me that straight was cool. He also makes fun of my girly laughter by mimicking it, lol. He's also always posing for photos in corny ways, it's a riot. Some of the guys who meet him try to "teach" him the wrong American words but he seems to know what they are doing and he actually gets a lot of attention from the American girls too who dig his act. It's a good time out is all I can say. Here is a group photo:

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Oh and here is my friend Amber and I doing the naughty librarian look for his friends.  

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