Hit the nail on the head

Friday, May 4, 2007

I was at the nail salon getting a mani/pedi and relaxing in one of their massage chairs this week when "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas" started playing on the salon's no commercial mix. Me and the other patrons started laughing. I actually really like Christmas music, but of course only in December.

Things that irk me at nail salons:

  • When a guy paints my toes. I just get uncomfortable.

  • When they leave your cuticle remains on their plucker tool until they reach your very last finger.

  • Getting hit on at a nail salon (read here).

  • Ruining the paint before I even leave the salon.

  • Putting my hands under the non-air dryers, you know the ones that just are slightly warm. Is it really helping?

  • When the girl getting her toes done next to me is talking loudly on her cell phone. (Shh this is silent after work time)

  • When two friends come in and although they are placed in two separate stations with strangers in between them, they still insist on having a personal conversation across the room (Again, see above about silent time).

  • When I forget to bring my own flip flops.

Today is Friday, you know what that means...if you guessed Sizzler, you'd be correct, lol.

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