Pop goes the art

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I’ve always liked the Andy Warhol pop art look of the 80s and always wanted one of those four squared bright colored portraits of my own one day. But what photo would I use and who even makes them? Then a few months ago I saw an ad on someone’s blog for custom pop art canvases. So, I checked out the site, Pop Art Go and impulsively submitted a photo and my order. I thought this pic had a lot of character to it and would be ideal for me and boyfriend’s home together.

I gave several suggestions for what I had in mind and then waited for the proofs. Although Proof 1 was what I originally had wanted I liked the cartoon style of Proof 3 and Glenda the creator of Pop Art said it was her favorite too. I then suggested my dress go from the purple it really is to red. The artists kept working with us via email and phone until we had it perfect, which was awesome. It was perfect and thrilling when the portrait arrived. The canvas is so smooth too.

It’s now hanging on the wall before the entrance to our bedroom in the condo my boyfriend and I just bought. It was the first thing we hung on our walls of our new home too. Whatcha think? Fun, no? 

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PS: We blogged about them and they blogged about us, Pop Art Bloggers

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