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Friday, May 11, 2007

My colleague was sent the following questions from a concerned Ohio mother whose daughter is moving out to LA and I couldn't help but find them funny.

1.  What is the cost of living? How much is gas?  How much is milk? ($500!)
2.  How much of a paycheck goes to housing?
3.  How much is water and electricity?
4.  How is the air quality?  Are there a lot of smog alerts?
5.  Is there water rationing?  Is LA in drought conditions and what
happens if they are?
6.  What's a good hospital?   Where is there a good Urgent Care and how
does one find a good doctor and dentist?  Who is an honest car mechanic?
7.  What are the grid lock hours on the free way?
8.  What percent is the sales tax if there is one?
9.  What do people do to keep prepared for an earthquake?
10. What are the rules for car emissions...how do you find out? (um it's called Google)
11. What is a safe, affordable neighborhood?  (OK this one is a good question)
12. Who is a good tax preparer?  Is there a Credit Union that someone
could recommend?

I don't even know the answers to most of those questions and I've lived here for eight months. I still don't have a dentist, tax preparer, know about emissions, how to prepare for an earthquake or even heard of water rationing (is that a thing?). When I moved out here my mom helped me pack and asked how far I was from the beach, stores and work and what time the bars closed out here, lol.  When I told her 2 a.m. she thought it best to reconsider after all NY bars close at 5 a.m. 

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