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Monday, February 26, 2007

Schick Intuition Razor

I threw away my normal razor over the summer after receiving a sample razor of Schick Intuition in the mail.  I seriously love this all-in-one razor, I get less nicks, it moisturizes better and it makes it a lot easier to shave quickly in the morning. Because soap is built-in around the edge, I haven’t had to buy shaving cream since.  It’s also great for when I travel since everything is in one. They also come in different scents--I’m partial to the cucumber melon.

OnGossamer luxury liners
Perfect for when Aunt Flo comes to visit, these are panties (no, I doubt mind using that word) that absorb any wetness, inhibits staining, and controls odor. Now, I don’t have to throw out another pair of ruined Vickies during my monthly visit. I liked how light and silky they feel too. They are available in thong, bikini and high rise at Nordstrom and Saks nationwide for $19. They run a little big and are stretchy so I’d recommend going a size smaller than usual.

Alterna Hemp Spray Shine
First of all it smells great, so I think I would spray it on my hair even if it didn't also add shine, but luckily it does both. It also doesn't leave any sticky build-up like hair spray, it simply brings out the shine in your hair using hemp seed oil, which is full of natural proteins that promote healthy hair. In fact, Hemp seed oil contains up to 36% of essential proteins to help rebuild lost proteins due to damage. It also helps to moisturize. So following the directions I've been spraying it on my dry hair in the morning and have been happy with the results. It also retails for $19 at salons, but I just found it for $18.60 at Amazon Beauty.


Coworker quote of the week: Give a monkey a typewriter and it will eventually come up with a word (Don't worry that comment wasn't directed at me).

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