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Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's weird knowing that this year when I watch the Oscars, it's actually taking place only 20 miles away. It's also weird that it starts at 5:00 p.m.  I'm used to late night viewing parties or when I was really little, struggling to stay awake to hear who won Best Picture as my mom and I lied out on the pull-out coach in the living room, which we only did that one day each year. I remember 17 years ago when I finally stayed up past my mom to see Dances With Wolves win in 1990.  First of all, how can 1990 be 17 years ago? Crazy. 

Last year I had a chocolate fondue viewing party at my apt in NYC, this year we have a projection screen TV to air the red carpet in true cinema style.

I'm looking forward to seeing Ellen host the awards, she's done the Emmy's, so I'm sure that will help her. I still miss Billy Crystal's song and dance numbers though *sigh*.   

Not sure if I mentioned it but I have an Academy Awards tribute page that is in need of updating, but it has some great trivia and information, Tara's Oscar Page.  Also if we ever met and you told me your year of birth, 95% of the time I can tell you which film won Best Picture that year :) just one of the many useless party tricks that I have up my sleeve.  Enjoy the show.

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