Million Dollar Baby

Sunday, February 6, 2005
I finally saw Million Dollar Baby.

The film was very powerful and filmed in Clint Eastwood's traditional dark, majestic, shadow style. Not only did Clint star in the film and direct and produce it, he also wrote most of the musical score.

Hillary Swank was amazing, she managed to be tough and innocent at the same time, and like most of her films this was another heartbreaker. Definitely bring the tissues. However, I was really impressed that even though the film is very sad, it didn't go the extra mile to shove the sadness in the audience's face like some Oscar hopefuls try to do, and most of the story was very happy and inspirational.

With his deep smooth voice, Morgan Freeman provides some of the narration, reminiscent of his work in Shawshank Redemption. I enjoy it so much that I could seriously just hear his voice in lieu of actually seeing a movie.

Overall it was a great picture and deserves the Oscar nominations it has received, but honestly with these three great actors working together how could this film have been bad? I usually don't like when the same actors and actresses continually receive Academy Awards but I think Swank should win another Best Actress award for her portrayal.

The best thing about this movie is that it hits you more later. It has been a few days and I keep thinking about it.

Here is a review I wrote for another Best Picture nominee, The Aviator .

Super Bowl Commercials 2005
Did you miss the Super Bowl commercials? You can watch all of them at IFILM with no downloading and it plays one after another. Check out the Ameriquest cat killer ad and the Diet Pepsi Ladies Man one with Carter from Queer Eye. I also liked the Burt Reynolds one.

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