The post of how we met

Thursday, February 1, 2007

All of our friends like hearing this story, or is it that I like telling it?  Tomatoe Tomato, but a year ago today I met my boyfriend on the New York City subway platform, the E train to be precise.

I had just gotten off of a bad date with a guy who had me go all the way up to the upper east side for our first date because it was where he lived but was far for me. The food at dinner was good but it was hard finding conversation to go with it. I'm not the best with silences so I was a bit more giggly than I'd have liked especially when he would do this weird intense stare into my eyes without saying anything. He also didn't really have a plan for that night and he kept asking me what I wanted to do, even which restaurant, etc., which I hate. Guys, see my post about planning a date. Anyway, after dinner he says he'll walk me to the subway, when 10 dollars would have gotten me home in a nice warm cab, but he didn't offer and I didn't have cash on me. It was also freezing in New York and since I was on a date I was dressed nice, which means in flimsy attire. To boot it was a weeknight and I now had to take two subways to get back to the West Village and then walk to my apartment. I remember him leaning in for a kiss and me wanting to flee in a cab. 

So there I was transferring to the second train, annoyed that I wouldn't be getting home till midnight and knowing I'd be tired tomorrow at work.  Five minutes goes by, and then 10 and still no train. I saw someone out of the corner of my eye, on my right hand side, dressed in a black coat. I turned and rolled my eyes and gave a look of exasperation because of the delayed train, the man then nodded his head in agreement and mimicked my disgruntled look.

At that moment the train came and I see this stranger walking in through the door closet to me and not the one closest to him. I could feel that he was going to start talking to me and he did. I don't remember what we chatted about but it came easily, I remember stating that he must not be from around here and him smiling and saying he's lived here for two years but was originally from Texas and I commented that I could tell by his southern smile. 

His stop came first and he asked for my number, I hesitated and almost gave him a fake number but I couldn't think of a reason not to at least give him my real one, so I did. And he called, twice. The second time we chatted for an hour and considering I'm not much of a phone person it says a lot. Our first date was the day before Valentine's Day and he picked out a restaurant by me and had everything planned even a bar with a foosball table to go to afterward. Now, we're living in L.A. together.

My friend likes to point out that if the first guy actually had manners I never would have met my boyfriend. Funny. 

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