I spy question mark guy

Thursday, January 25, 2007

You know that older guy from commercials where he's in front of DC monuments and he's shouting about how he can help get you free government grants, free money, free tax breaks, etc and oh yeah, he's covered in question marks? 

Well, I saw him today in Jamba Juice when I was ordering my second shot of wheat grass (still grassy). He was in a black suit with hot pink and yellow question marks all over him and multi-colored glasses. No, he wasn't filming anything, just ordering a smoothie and being his own walking billboard. I smiled at him after sneaking a shot of him on my camera phone and asked "aren't you the guy from the commercials?"  He smiled and said yes and patted me on the back as he walked up to the counter to collect his smoothie. 

I guess he lives in L.A. So random. His real name is Matthew Lesko a.k.a. the guy in the question mark suit.  His website is matthewlesko.com you can go there for FREE! FREE! FREE! ;)

Here's an interesting interview with him at The Black Table, where he talks about wearing the question mark suit as a marketing tool. 

"Do you believe you need to wear the outfit so that people will take you, well, seriously?

Oh, the outfit to take me seriously? It's the opposite. I've been kicked off of shows because of it. I've lost millions because of it. I was on the Home Shopping Network and they said I had to change my suit. I thought about it and decided, 'This is way too important to me.' Years later they had me back. It was one of those hard decisions that become great later. Your loved ones tell you that you're being silly,that you need the money. But as a result of following my heart, opportunities opened and my business tripled. So now I sell tons through the Home Shopping Network, but they still don't like the suit. We're back to them wanting me to change it again. I can imagine if Jesus Christ was here they'd say,'You know this rope sandal stuff…we're really appealing to the wrong demographic ere.'

On that note, would you say that your garb is equivalent to, say, Superman's cape? Like, when you're not wearing it, you're simply Clark Kent?

You know what, in a way, when I have it on, it does something to other people. When I first started wearing it I was so self-conscious. I was walking down the airport and every step was like lugging around 500 pounds.I felt so stupid, but I just had to do it. Now people smile when they see me. I get discounts on airplanes and hotels. Pretty girls come up and talk to me for the first time in my life. Where were they when I had more hormones?

I feel like I could walk into the toughest biker bar at 2:00 in the morning and feel comfortable. It disarms people. I mean, the buzz creates my life.

Marketing has nothing to do with it. Harvard business school wanted to know about this "branding." This is just me who happens to be writing books. Strategic branding? It was a pure accident. I'm just not that smart."


Hmm well his outfit did make me smile and here I am continuing the buzz for him, so just more proof that his branding is working even if by accident and to get attention from chicks. 

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