The power of Clorox

Thursday, December 28, 2006

So I'm driving to work, a bit late as it were, since I got sucked in to watching an episode of The Nanny on Lifetime while I was getting ready this morning, despite already having seen the same episode a dozen times before.

I digress, I'm driving and talking on my cell phone (on speaker phone so it was sitting on my lap) and I'm on Pacific which is just two tight lanes. In my lane up ahead I see a plastic bottle of Clorox rolling around on the street. I can't avoid it without causing the guy behind me to hit me or sideswiping the guy in the lane next to me. I have no choice but to run it over. I clench the wheel as it goes underneath my car, hoping it will simply go out the other side. But no, it's too big and gets caught underneath my car and drags making a loud noise and causing passerbys to look and see what is causing that sound. I manage to get into the other lane now, still dragging the bottle and park in a nearby lot. I then have to climb under my car to rip the empty bottle out, which is now super hot from the friction. Needless to say, I ended up being at work even later than I thought. Well, only 10 minutes, but I don't like being late. Even the parking garage guy commented that I was running late this morning, I was like gee thanks and then my coworker mentions that I look tired. *sigh* 

Why that bottle of Clorox was floating around on Pacific Ave is beyond me. Too many girls bleaching their hair I guess. Oh wait, I shouldn't talk ;)  

Then at work, I knock over my glass of water all over my desk, seat, mouse and keyboard, while gesturing with my hands (an Italian trait of mine), not once but twice. The second time, after I had uprighted what was left of my glass of water and was cleaning up the spill with Subway napkins that I had stored in my desk for accidents like this, I then elbow the glass, successfully spilling what didn't spill the first time. *forehead smack*

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