California Roll

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Before I moved out west and back when I did my cross country drive, I tried the best sushi ever at California Roll Factory in West LA (11629 Santa Monica Blvd). I'd be lying if I didn't admit that it played a part in my decision to move here either ;).

The place is small, almost like a dinner with over 50 sushi roll choices with fun names like the 5th Roommate, etc and none of the boring rolls that can be found on the menus at common sushi places. Each choice is written on the wall with a little cartoon and listing of the ingredients.  It's rumored that if you order one enough times they will name the roll whatever you like or you can create your own and add it to the wall. 

So far my favorite is the Graber ($8), which has spicy tuna, scallion, scallop, crab, shitake mushroom and smelt egg. Besides the unusual combos that you can get here, this roll is HUGE, the size of my fist. I actually had to grab it (thus the name) like a baseball and dunk it into the soy sauce as I tried not to get too dirty when stuffing it in my face. Looks be damned though, it's amazing and I don't care who's watching me eat it. 

I went just the other day on my lunch break and sat at the sushi bar with my book, Blue Smoke, although the roll was made so quickly I barely got past the page I was on.  Look at these pictures, notice that they take up the whole plate. I could only order the one roll and still left half of one there when I left. 

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