On the 10th day before Christmas: a Starbucks tree

Friday, December 15, 2006

In an attempt to out due my Starbucks themed holiday wreath that I did last week for decoration at work and to keep the theme going, I created a Starbucks cup tree much to my coworkers amusement.

Instead of buying six drinks and washing out the contents after or snagging a bunch, this time I simply asked the woman behind the counter if I could just have six of their red colored holiday cups and well, there you have it. I then stacked them on a chair in the corner of our office for everyone to put their Secret Santa presents underneath our non-denominational cup tree. It was my coworker, Asif, who trimmed and tied the bow that's on the top. I just had it around the base of the stacking like a tree blanket, which wasn't as impressive. I think it came out well: 

The Bloggers Blog admired our "tree" and has included this post in their Blogging the Holidays recap. Pretty cool. 

Oh and I got a lovely Chinese tea set in pink from my Secret Santa and my giftee enjoyed a punching devil puppet that I got him and an 80s movie book.  

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