The attack of the hair dryer

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Before I left for my birthday trip, I was trying to get everything done in time--pack, meet my friend, shower, etc.  So, when I was drying my hair I put it on HOT, so it would dry my hair quicker, which it did.

When I was putting it away though and rolling the cord around the dryer the front grill area and scraped my bare stomach, just under my chest and stuck to my skin causing an immediate burn. I ripped it away to find the spot was already red and swollen. After I put some ice on it, four burn lines were revealed. Now it looks like a cat scratched me or I had an incident with an exacto knife. Who knew a stupid hair dryer could do this? Even putting my thin shirt on that day irritated the area. It's hard to tell in the photo since the pictures kept coming out weird due to the awkward locale.

I've been putting Vitamin E oil on it to stop it from scarring, which would be really unfortunate since it looks like I was clawed and would be revealed whenever I wear a bikini.  I've also been putting these moist burn pads on it called 2nd skin, which are supposed to help. The lines are starting to scab now and when I sit they bend with my tummy, which hopefully won't disrupt the healing process too much. 

FYI the dryer was a Vidal Sassoon 1875 Ion Select.

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