Weekend in a Nut Shell

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Phone call, Saturday night: 
Nicki: Hi, I just saw Jesus!
Tara: You just saw Jesus?
Nicki:  Yeah, James Caviezel
Tara: Oh. You could have said the actor that played Jesus.
Nicki:  He's here at the USC game, pretty cool, huh?
Tara: Definitely. Give me a call when you see God.

My guy was in Vegas this weekend and you know how the saying goes...when the cat is away the mice will play. Not quite. After work on Friday I met up with a college friend at El Cholo (voted best Margaritas) and did a sleepover at her place. Did a little damage the next day at Target for new apt stuff.  I was out till 3 a.m. on Saturday night though with some new friends at a fundraiser for a girls soccer league--HUGS, which was held at the Red Buddha Lounge on Yucca Street. The place apparently is dubbed "new Hollywood." The music was good and I love how all these Cali bars have open courtyards in the back. Definitely rarer to find in NYC. The gift bag for the event included a pink lemonade energy drink called HER, the first and only energy drink marketed specifically towards women. It was pretty good. Also, stopped at In and Out for some grease before passing out. I think I'm going to love having these new fast-food chains nearby. Oh I also sold another friend on using tarte's lip plumper, Rise & Shine. It just makes lips look sexy.

It seems everyone is coming out with perfumes these days like Sarah Jessica Parker and even the show Desperate Housewives has its own scent. In that vain, I recently received a bottle of Hilary Duff's first fragrance, With Love…Hilary Duff. It's being released in partnership with Elizabeth Arden and the bottle is vintage elegant. The scent smells flowery with a hit of spice and musk. I wore it out on Saturday night and was happy with it, I'll definitely be using it more, especially since I'm a fan of light perfumes and vanilla scents. It actually reminds me of something else I've smelled, but I can't place it and it's annoying me. hmm. Some of the other scents in 'With Love' include the tropical mangosteen blossom, cocobolo wood--an exotic wood prized for its rare beauty and a base of sheer amber milk and sultry amber musk.

How I got the sample bottle was funny. I had received one of those FedEx sorry we missed you slips and knowing I hadn't ordered anything, because if I did I would have sent it to my office because it's safer, my curiosity was peaked. So I called FedEx to arrange a pick-up and asked who the sender was and they said the slip said Hilary Duff. I was like, Hillary Duff is sending me something? Then I remembered I had spoken with her PR firm publicizing the fragrance and connected the dots. For a second though my original scenario was cool. 

Anyway back to my weekend, I also went to the Santa Monica/Venice Farmer's Market today, which was double the size of the one in Union Square and has grilled corn and organic sausages being cooked and sold as well. I picked up two bunches of geraniums, strawberries and ingredients for pesto, which I'm making tonight with chicken and farfalle.

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