Fat Burger

Friday, September 29, 2006

There is something freeing about the blatant name of the California burger chain, Fat Burger. Yesterday, on my lunch break, not only did I have my very first Fat Burger but my first turkey burger too. I had heard they were good there, so I had to check it out. Yum to both counts!
This place is definitely not afraid to lay on the seasonings and pepper either. I had to ask for it minus the relish and mustard though, not a fan. I did leave the mayo on and asked for cheese as an extra topping. The franchise claims to use Lean Ground Turkey for their turkey burgers, which are cooked to order while you wait and not before. The bun was dark in color, looking as it could have been wheat bread, but I'm not sure and nothing is mentioned about their buns on the website. The clerk had asked if I wanted skinny fries with my order--fat burger, skinny fries? Such paradoxes, lol.
Founded in LA in 1952, there are now 82 Fat Burger restaurants throughout Canada and the US and former professional basketball player Magic Johnson is currently one of the owners of the parent company. For my NY readers there is one in the Palisades mall. Also, all the Fat Burger locations have a jukebox where patrons can play songs for free. Oh and here's a tip, my guy recommends their Texas Burger with egg.
I can't wait to go to In and Out again too, I've only been once before when visiting San Francisco. 

Going Postal: One of the boxes that I sent 2-to-3 day Priority Mail (the important one with my under garments, tennis racquet, cosmetics and USB flash drive) still hasn't arrived 10 days later. Yet all of the other boxes sent on the same day has, wtf? The post office said they can't put a tracer on it until 30 days and that they don't know where it is. All they know is that it left the post office on the 18th and has yet to arrive in Venice, CA. Grr.

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