Two glorious years

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Today is my blog anniversary! :-D

It seems longer, but then again it also seems like just yesterday I was having an online poll to select a blog title. I had come up with a list of random titles for my friends to choose from. My blog was 3 votes away from being named 'Tiki Tara' or 'Tara's Tantrums' and 5 votes shy of being called 'A Blog With No Name.' The latter two wouldn't have been too bad. 


I've written 330 posts to date, that's 165 posts a year and averages to 14 entries a month

Paid $334 in hosting bills

Highest traffic days are Mondays and Wednesdays

I have two domains: and; the first redirects visitors to the second

Received only eight negative comments (phew) but have been bashed on other blogs four times now

Almost gave up twice, but know that this blog has become a part of me and that life without it wouldn't be the same. I know, sad

Have a Google PageRank of 5

Been interviewed four times

Happy that you're reading this

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