Onion in a blender

Monday, October 16, 2006

"watch it spin around to a beautiful oblivion." Alright so Eve 6 sang 'heart' not 'onion' but it would do the same thing.

In fact, that's what happened to me yesterday. I had cooked brisket in a slow cooker for several hours mixed with apple juice, white wine, onion soup mix and 4 chopped onions. After the meat was done I poured all the cut onions and liquid into a blender to puree and make into a gravy. But it wouldn't start. So, my boyfriend starts pushing buttons at random to make it work, BUT he did not realize he had to hold down the top while doing so, just in case.

Boiling onion soup went flying around the kitchen, burning us and covering our counter, teapot, crockpot and cabinets. After running my hand under cold water, all I could do was laugh and clean it up.  I've only seen that happen in movies, yet he claims that he's never seen it--but I guess that part was already obvious. So, blenders erupting actually happens in real life too. 

PS: I scored my first media placement here at the new company, by getting my client in DM News (direct marketing news), check it out, New advergame builds brand Affinity

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