Shipping of Fools

Friday, September 22, 2006

So apparently 2-to-3 day Priority Mail means the post office will aim to get your stuff there in two to three days. They will try their "best," but there isn't a guarantee. Thus, even though you shell out the extra $$ for priority mailing your stuff can technically take up to two freakin weeks to get there.

Here I was, thinking that if I shelled out the bigger bucks my stuff could arrive before I started work on Monday and that way I could get settled in over the weekend and not worry about when my stuff would arrive and how to pick it up. Yet, that's exactly what I'm doing now. Only one of my four packages has arrived and it wasn't even the one with my shoes or pressed pants and dress shirts. I mailed them all on the same day yet...only one has arrived five days later. So riddle me this, why do postmen go postal? I would think it would be the people shipping and waiting to receive packages and not the deliverer. Oh well, what can I do but bitch in this post?

In the meantime (3 days), I have to lease a car and get an insurance provider, pick up a chest of draws found on craigslist and yes, have some fun. It seems I arrived on a good weekend, The San Gennaro Italian feast is going on here too and a Venice Block Party. I'll report back.

PS: How can Grey's Anatomy make me cry every episode?

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