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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I only had to harass the feisty reporter and insult the paper on my blog here to have it happen. The reporter, Matt Villano, respected my gumption and equal feistiness though and included me in his piece and even added in the idea about companies encouraging blogging, which is what I originally pitched him. So sometimes it pays to speak your mind--even if you're in PR. 

Check out the resulting story in the NY Times Circuits section page 5: Blogging the Hand That Feeds You 

I'm mentioned in three graphs.  I'm so stoked about it. The story also mentions that a blog is created every second, wow! 

Here's the excerpt

"Another example of the evolution of business blogs is a site named When Tara Met Blog. It is a personal mouthpiece for Tara Renee Settembre, an account executive with the Horn Group, a public-relations company in New York. Ms. Settembre writes about all sorts of experiences, from buying lip plumpers to harassing feisty reporters.

When she recently decided to move to California, she broke the news on her blog. The site has the full endorsement of her employer, which links to it on the corporate Web site and mentions it to interested clients. As her blog has become more popular, Ms. Settembre has even received permission to bill some of the time she spends writing it as professional development.

“I can’t help but think it is pretty awesome and modern of them,” she wrote in a recent post. She added that the company continued to encourage her to write, despite the fact that the blog “isn’t industry-related and sometimes has questionable content.”

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