Two Bachelorette Parties and a Gay Club

Monday, June 5, 2006

Nope the post title is not a setup for a corny joke but my recent weekend. My friend from high school, Anjali is getting married in July with a traditional Indian wedding. I love telling this part, guess how many people are going? Come on guess...700 people! That is just 75 people more than our very large graduating class.

Anyway, her cousins and friends came into the city this Saturday for her bachelorette party. We had champagne at her hotel and applied beads, removable kiss mark tattoos and presented her with gag gifts and then headed out to dinner. As we crammed into the small hotel elevator with an unsuspecting and may I add very lucky dude, we so sweetly asked him to take our picture, which came out pretty good. How he managed to get us all in it is beyond me. Well, a few girls were down in the lobby otherwise I doubt it would have been done. After some great pasta and more champagne drinking from erotic paper cups we then headed to Beauty Bar, which is a bar that looks like a very dark beauty parlor and of course along with drinking we hammed it up under the dryer seats that are in the bar. I especially love the photo since it reminds me of a Gail Goodwin photo that I like. Oh and we impulsively bought tees with the bar's logo on them. They are very cute.

Another friend, Divina (in red below), was in from CT to go to Anjali's bachelorette too and for a sorority sister's bachelorette party as well. So the two of us then headed to her friend's gathering at Prey and roped in my friends Ryan and Mike to join as well. After we blew that pop stand we went in search of some music, checked out Aspen, where we enjoyed the ski lodge like atmosphere but hated the Mojitos and sadly left them still half full or yes, half empty.

Finally we ended up at the very large club The Roxy, which my mother remembers as a roller rink--and it still is one but only on certain days apparently. The Roxy is also a gay night club which left three out of four of us out of the loop. However, the music was indeed much better as was the eye candy. Divina two shots later, made herself right at home talking away to the exotic dancers and even met a new friend in the bathroom. (Eddy you didn't read it here!) It was all good fun. She even was able to dazzle the DJ, who had a sign that clearly read NO REQUESTS, to play the new Mary J Blige song that we kept trying to hear. Around 3 a.m. Divina and I stumbled back to my apartment and I somehow made it up my ladder to bed.

Here's some of the evidence...the stuff I'll share that is:

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