Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Last night I went to the popular China Club for an X-Rated party--literally! It was for the launch of a new vodka from X-Rated that's distributed through Southern Wine & Spirits. Easy to have fun with such a sexy name. Anyway, the brand already has an X-Rated Fusion Liquor, a passion fruit vodka drink that comes in a bright pink color and frosted clear bottle and of course is popular with the young female crowd. Their website has the cute domain of www.drinkpinkvodka.com. Their marketing tag line even makes it clear that they are targeting their drink towards women: "The first vodka created to delight women."

Yet, despite their aims to attract women my age to their brand, the party consisted of a show from The Femme Fatals, which bordered towards burlesque and although fun, it excited mainly the males in the audience and their own sales guys and not the women. The 45 min show though included a great tango number from a husband and wife dance team, and it felt like I was watching "Dancing With The Stars" live. I would have enjoyed it more if the show highlighted some of the awesome dancing and less the continuous segments of just women doing stripper like moves, because although impressive it got boring after the first two skits. A woman next to me joked when a dancer dressed as Eve came on stage, saying that she almost wore the same outfit tonight.

If you plan to try X-Rated go with mixing their regular vodka and their passion fruit infused vodka with some pineapple juice. Very yum and colorful. At the very least I plan on buying a bottle because I know it will look good on my bar and in cocktails (and when I write bar, I mean the liquor and shakers that I store on top of my fridge, since my apt can only house a half size fridge, never mind a wet bar).

E-mail Response from X-Rated: Read your blog. We didn't want the show to be burlesque..will make some changes.

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