The Everyday Stranger

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Almost every work day for the last two months I've smiled or waved at the same guy that I pass on my way to work each day. I assume he works in the building next to my office building, which is being repaired for a new tenant. I'm not sure what’s going into it, a store or more office space, but there's a whole construction crew working in there, the stranger one of the team. He is probably about 30. Anyway, so there's this window that looks out onto the sidewalk and each morning he is at that window eating his breakfast or sipping his coffee on the counter top that's at the window too. I'm not sure how our routine started, I think I caught his eyes and smiled then the next day he waved, then I waved. It then progressed to mouthing good morning and now it’s a tradition. It's all very friendly like, I'm not intending to take this any further of course nor does he seem inclined to. Some mornings I look forward to the greeting, but some times I know feel obligated to wave since he's right there looking at me and expecting it. Sometimes his coworkers are there too and they also wave, which seems to embarrass the stranger.

News: I helped co-ordinate an interview between this reporter and my client, Taleo, after sending Ephraim some stats on Baby Boomer's and their impending retirement, peaking his interest. Was very glad to see that it worked out and resulted in coverage in InfoWorld. Filling the void left by baby-boomer techies. The reporter also left me a nice voicemail thanking me for my help and saying I should be a reporter. If he only knew that was my former/side career.

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