Valentine's--not just for Lovers

I've never spent Valentine's Day with a special someone, since I've always happened to be single around VDay. Yet, I'm not one of those that scorn the Hallmark inspired event. My girlfriends find it annoying, one commented the other day, "it seems like a Tara holiday." I guess she's right. I just love holidays in general, Halloween though being my favorite. But just because you're single does not mean you can't enjoy Valentine's Day, it's like St. Patrick's Day, you don't really have to be Irish to participate.

I guess for me it's always been a friendship holiday actually. It started when we all would give our classmates Valentine's cards in elementary school, delivering them to each others desks. I still give out those little kids cardboard like cards to my friends each year and wear red to work. Yeah, I'm that annoying person.

Tonight I'm heading to Westchester to spend the evening with my mother and Nanny (who has been missing us). Aww, I know, although it's not last year's Valentine's day with Tony Danza. My favorite Valentine's Day though was in the 2nd grade when my father ordered me a HUGE heart shaped box of chocolates and I mean huge, it was literally bigger than me, I could barely hold it with my arms stretched out wide. My mother made me bring the chocolates to school in order to get them out of our house. There was enough chocolate for both 2nd grade classes and then to be brought into the teacher's lounge afterwards. Even by the time I was in the 4th grade, when I met my new teacher she said, you're the girl whose dad got her the big chocolate heart that we had here for days. Last year my stepdad had a VT teddy delivered to my office, so for me Valentine's isn't about romance but just love and friendship in general.

News: Valentine's go high-tech with text messaging.

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