Blogging is the New Black, the conference

Thursday, February 2, 2006

This blog recently joined the GlamMedia blogging network, per their recruiting, thus the ads on the left side. I'm pretty excited about it, I was also invited to their conference and panel discussion this morning at the W Hotel in Times Square called, Blogging is the New Black, how the hottest media trend is changing fashion coverage.

Although, the British guy seated to my right from ZooZoom said that the conference's title implied that blogging is on it's way out and just a fad, instead he said that, blogging IS black. To my left was a very quiet but sleek female editor from Cosmopolitan who simply listened on and chatted with VPs. I also briefly met a couple from girlawhirl. Oh and here's a quinky dink, in the row ahead of me was my former NYU J-School classmate who is now with The Daily News, yay for her! :)

As opposed to the technology and financial conferences that I have been to for work, the attendees here were 80% female and of course much better dressed. Although one woman did have a hole, shaped in almost a perfect circle, on her black tights, but maybe she was going for the Cyndi Lauper look? The other women present varied in chicness and styles, but it would appear from looking around the room that red shoes are in. Since there were red cowboy boots, red pumps and red patent leather sling backs in toe <--I spelt it that way on purpose, was trying to be cute). Even the VOSS water at the conference was stylish; my friend Massiel always buys VOSS because she likes the bottles' cap and shape. I snagged a bottle for the road on my way out.

During their slideshow I learned an interesting fact, apparently there are 25 million blogs worldwide and doubling every 5 months. Wow! I feel pretty insignificant now, lol. Oh and 10-15% of those blogs are fashion oriented. Which makes sense since everyone is a fashion critic right? And blogs are about personal expression after all.

Speaking of expressing their opinions, the model casting director/fashion blogger from COACD had plenty to share during the panel discussion. Oh and bachelors, he is auctioning off a date with a very pretty and nude female friend. Then there was The Sartorialist, who actually kept to the panel discussion about the impact of blogging on fashion. On his blog he has fashion portraits from man/woman on-the-street photo shoots, a lot of which have been taken in my neighborhood. I actually walked by when they were photographing the two women on Little West 12th Street. The final panel member with more of a fashion journalism background, dressed in a very cute flapper girl/depression style outfit complete with fur color and hat was Lesley from Fashion Tribes Daily, whose site has a lot of good fashion highlights.

News: According to MediaPost it only takes 50 Milliseconds for a visitor to a Web site to decide how appealing that site is. Hope you like.

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