A Graceful Exit

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

When Tara Met Blog is mentioned in the Jan. 25th issue of Exit Weekly magazine in the Geek Chic section. Reporter, Amy Kuperinsky, had asked me a few questions about music on websites. There's a quote from me saying "I detest when I go to a page and their choice in music assaults me," said Tara, the author of When Tara Met Blog (URL) "My speakers on my computer are usually set on high since I watch DVDs through my computer so when I enter a site with embedded music it's really annoying."

EXIT is a new North Jersey launch serving 21 to 34-year-olds. Copies can be picked up for free in Hoboken, Jersey City and for a list of lots more places check out their website exitweekly.com or myspace.com/exitweekly They currently have another interesting article on foot fetishes and other kinds of fetishes.

Video: Conference call with technical difficulties I'd have to quit if this happened. Thanks Rob for the link.

I've been tagged again, but I spared you all and just put my responses in my comments section here

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