Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The sun did in fact make an appearance on the last two days of my 4 day trip to St. Kitts, although the constant gusting winds did not let up. But ce la vie, I still managed to get a bit of a tan and some natural highlights. Most of all, I chilled with my mom and that was nice. I also acted like a kid in a candy shop at the duty free shops, buying rum and Clinique, then add in the unique island jewelry that I kept buying from the friendly vendors, equals the re-allocation of my casino earnings, but again ce la vie. I'm wearing a fun wooden necklace today, which is cheering me up even though I'm back in dreary New York weather.

Oh so my mother and I were looking for some um... ganja to enjoy in the evening (we were on vacay and all ;) but only came across someone 'in the know' a of couple hours before I was leaving for the airport, so I was forced to pass. She, however, emailed me at work today informing me that she got two rolled joints for $5 and that there isn't any wind on the island now either. Brat!

Now here's the coincidence part that I mention in my post's title. On my return flight from St. Kitts to San Juan, seated in a very compact and cramped plane (being 5'2 at least has it's benefits) I started a conversation with the guy seated next to me or more like on top of me given his 6 foot frame and tiny tiny seats, poor guy his knees were hitting the seat in front of him, anyway I digress, it turns out he was two years below me at my undergrad, Wheaton College in Massachusetts. Now, the small private college had fewer students than my high school and I happen to sit right next to a student from there on a small afternoon plane leaving St. Kitts? How weird is that?

Being terrible with names and faces (good thing I'm a journalist!) I didn't recognize him, not that he remembered me either, but we learned that we sort of knew some of the same people and that I had watched him play in the Wheaton baseball games. He was on a family business retreat and headed back to Boston after San Juan and me back to JFK.

Don't you love random meetings like that?

Tonight, off to celebrate K's birthday at Kanvas.

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