Photo Essay: The Doors of Lower Manhattan

Sunday, January 8, 2006

In a city that never sleeps and whose inhabitants are almost in a constant state of motion, it is easy to let everyday things go unnoticed, especially something as commonplace as a door. Yet, Manhattan has many fascinating and aesthetic doors that once spotted are hard to miss again.

The doors of lower Manhattan, below 14th Street, are especially unique and filled with the area's heritage and originality. Some of these captivating entrances belong to townhouses, office buildings and restaurants and show the city's artistic, modern and vanguard roots, while some simply have extra odds and ends that deserve another look. Here are just a few that stand out out of the snapshots that I took for my photojournalism grad class.

My friend K and I were looking for doors to capture for almost two months, and now that I'm more aware of the different entrances in the city I still find myself scoping for them, even in NYC television shows. Funny how things can change once something is brought more to your attention.

Speaking of New York shows, the new sitcom coming out on CBS, Love Monkey, with that guy from Ed has been filming near my subway stop and in my neighborhood.

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